May 25, 2017

More Trump #hypocrisy — He owns #Mercedes cars built by the evil The Germans

The example at top comes from this Business Insider story.

The next, also a Mercedes, is one he surely still owns, as a 2015 model. It's at this site, which also has the Mercedes McLaren in the top photo, as does this site.

That said, today's comment about "the evil" Germans over all the cars they sell in the US isn't the first time he's shot his mouth off on this issue. He was talking about a tariff on German imports even before his inauguration.

But, this is another example of rich hypocrisy. Trump would pay a 35 percent tariff, ignore that Mercedes and BMW both have US factories, and claim to be protecting American jobs all at once. (That said, many of the Beemers are SUVs that are exported to Asia.)

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