May 26, 2017

GregAtLast discusses James Comey and Jill Stein

Just in time for your extended holiday weekend:

As for the unsympathetic Comey, here you go. You'll find further links off there. Here's one about how he and Trump are both unsympathetic, and per what Greg AtLast says, Comey buttered his bread with the Clinton Clusterfuck.

As for Jill and the Green Party and Bob Fitrakis? Again, here's the latest, and you'll find further links off that.

Or, I'll give you a few.

First, the election was not rigged, not in the way Stein, other AccommoGreens like Fitrakis and David Cobb, and Dem-friendly computer scientists claimed.

Second and third, because this piece has multiple points, the recount was Stein's, not the Green Party's, and it was partisan, no matter how much turd-polishing Stein and Contrails Bob do.

Fourth, it's things like this that, for people like me but no means limited to me, means that the Green Party is near the end of its tether — 2020 is a sort of make-or-break on national party organization, organization, professionalism and more of many of the state parties, candidate professionalism and more.

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