April 25, 2017

#Muting vs #blocking on Twitter

Per the suggestion of a friend, when I get tired of someone on Twitter — as in that level of tired — I usually mute them rather than block them.

And, especially when done without any pronunciamento, it's more fun that way. And that's whether it's wingnuts who refuse to stop mouth-breathing and start thinking before uttering another Tweet-babble, on one end, or left-liberals and leftists who either abandon critical thinking or else get huffy when their own ox starts getting gored enough.  (That said, I did block one such person, but I've now changed that from a block to a mute.)


The second advantage is that, if it's a mute not a block AND it's an unannounced mute, said mouth-breathing wingnuts and said high-horse lefties alike will see, and continue to see, what I write, especially if they're searching by hashtags. (The header didn't originally have them; that's why I added them.)

Including this very screed right here.

Deal with it.

A third advantage is that if you mute a person, not block them, and don't announce the muting, they can't brag that "I've been blocked by Tweeters X, Y, and Z."

That said, I wish Disqus allowed muting as well as blocking. (That said, I am glad to discover it allows blocking.)

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