April 04, 2017

For the good of Texans, Joaquin needs to challenge Beto

As of this time, neither El Paso Democratic Congressman Beto O'Rourke, for all his reported progressivism — the only announced challenger so far to Sen. Ted Cruz — nor possible challenger, Austin Democratic Congresscritter Joaquin Castro, have yet to endorse Rep. John Conyers' HB 676, his so-called "Medicare for all" single-payer national health care bill.

I can understand where friend Brains is coming from — primary fights can be expensive, and in states where you're a permanent minority at this time, and by several percentage points, that's money wasted that could be used in a general election.

On the other hand, "glide path" primaries, or attempted ones, often produce crappy candidates. Wendy Davis for gov in 2014. Tony Sanchez for gov in 2002 as part of John Sharp's "dream team." Hillary Clinton for prez after the DNC tried to force a glide path by cheating.

I don't know where Castro stands on legalizing, or even decriminalizing pot, or the larger War on Drugs. If he's at least halfway to O'Rourke's neighborhood, that means that single-payer would be the only possible dividing line of significance, if one of them came out in favor.

In other words, contested primaries between viable candidates force them to stand for something. All Hillary Clinton would stand for is her gender and her turn — and she lost the general.

That said, due to state court of criminal appeals race shenanigans by the Texas Democratic Party, I can't vote for either O'Rourke or Castro. I have to sign a Green Party ballot access petition, so I can't vote in the 2018 Dem primary.

So, if Castro won't challenge, or even if he does, if neither will shit or get off the pot on single-payer, fuck em.

Hell, Charles Krauthammer, wingnut deluxe, now thinks single-payer is inevitable and that Congressional Republicans should accept that, and maybe even try to steal a march.

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