SocraticGadfly: #Txlege & #bathroom blather — Danny Goeb et al vs Boy Scouts, Texas mayor? (updated)

February 06, 2017

#Txlege & #bathroom blather — Danny Goeb et al vs Boy Scouts, Texas mayor? (updated)

If you missed it Monday in all the Trump blather, the Boy Scouts of America has voted to accept transgender youth who identify as male. This is a big deal. (BSA still doesn't accept atheist Scouts, and has other issues, but this is a start.)

But, we now have a Wednesday update.

New Hope's mayor, formerly known as Jeff Herbst, is now transgenderly out as Jess, as pictured at left, as both Jeff and Jess.

In another story, she says she's not gonna kill people for using the wrong personal pronoun. But she makes clear that this is something that goes all the way back to her childhood, and that now is not too late to be public.

"I thought I was the only person on earth like this," she says.

That said, both of these are ... in Texas. New Hope is a small burg at the northeastern edge of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metromess.

And, the BSA is headquartered in Irving, Texas, right in the middle of the Metromess.

So, my question is, has anybody in the inside-the-Mopac media asked Lite Gov Danny Goeb, its chief backer, or state Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, its sponsor, about Senate Bill 6, the so-called "bathroom bill"? As of the time I read about Ms. Herbst, I was unaware of the dynamic duo above being asked yet even about the BSA.

At the same time, has anybody asked the BSA if it would move its headquarters out of Texas if SB 6 passes? After all, the bill explicitly targets school district bathrooms, and Boy Scouts are under 18 and attending schools. And, while it's a nonprofit, not a for-profit business, it employs a lot of staffers at its headquarters.

I won't hold my nose over the daily newspaper version of the inside-the-Mopac asking a thing. After all, in another sign of how the allegedly might have fallen ...

The Dallas Snooze had the Boy Scouts story, as written in Tuesday's paper, off wire reports.

Think about that.

Nobody at the BSA gave the hometown paper an advance heads-up and nobody at the hometown paper regularly reports on what's happening there. No, the BSA isn't Texas Instruments or eXXXon Mobil. It's still the largest nonprofit organization in the area, surely. And, depending on exactly how one defines "service agency," is almost certainly one of the largest service agencies in the country. (That said, this isn't totally unique to the BSA. MADD is in the same geographic area, and sometimes gets short shrift itself.)

Update, Feb. 3: Sorry, inside-the-Mopac, or at least, inside-the-LBJ-Freeway, thought leaders. I wasn't really asking about the BSA's take on the bathroom bill. Rather, I was asking about Goeb's and Cockwhore's take on the BSA welcoming transgendered.

You know, the BSA that at one time, the likes of Danny Goeb probably put alongside "baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet."

Lemme know when y'all write that story, m'kay?

It's very simple, whether you are inside the LBJ, or any of the papers with offices inside the Mopac.

You simply go up to Danny Goeb and ask: "Do you want to be policing Boy Scouts going to the bathroom?" If he tries to claim the bill "really" is about adults, then ask, "Do you want to be policing Scoutmasters going to the bathroom?"

Or, "Do you want to let local businesses ban mayors from the bathroom?"

Update 2, Feb. 6: Lauren McGaughey has a new story up for the snooze. Neither of those questions are asked, and she wrongly calls the bill's impact "extremely narrow," even though it would do things like ban those newly-welcomed transgender Boy Scouts from men's rooms in public schools.

Now, back to Tweedledee and Tweedledum. For Goeb and Cockwhore, the whole idea of "biological sex" is what they get wrong in deliberately misunderstanding transgenderism. And, Goeb seems like a transgender version of a stereotypical anti-gay male who is often, in reality, "repressing." One kind of tell on that is that he's only worried about transgenders who identify as male going into women's restrooms.

And, speaking of ...

Update 3, Feb. 8: The Texas Trib has an analysis wondering if/when Gov. Abbott will shit or get off the pot on the bill, and just how much or how little support it has in the senate. So far, as of a month later, even with the bill still clearing its initial Senate hurdle, Abbott has wimped out. (Surely Abbott has seen polling that a plurality of his own party [includes "undecided" or "no opinion," hence more than just "yes" or "no" options] opposed the bill.) Is he afraid of Goeb?

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