February 07, 2017

Trump saves #SNL

There's no other way to put it. The one-time must-see late-night comedy program Saturday Night Live, which a few years ago was scraping the bottom enough it was running a second copy of the show in prime time Saturdays with a slot at 10 Eastern/9Central, is now posting its best viewer ratings in 22 years.

And, you and I know why that's the case.

The show, meanwhile, is going to spin off the popular Weekend Update into a separate prime-time piece.

What is it right now, about 7 minutes on average? So, you're going to stretch it out to a full half hour and hope you can be funnier than John Oliver? Good luck with that.

You're fortunate Jon Stewart isn't still on air.

It probably won't be a total disaster, but I can foresee David Spade/Adam Sandler type over-milking of routines.

So, Trump has saved the program. Will it now kill its own goose?

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