October 05, 2016

Who's the bigger tax cheat — Donald Trump or Marc Rich? Eh, #Hillbots?

Marc Rich
Donald Trump
Many Clintonista types know about the perfectly legal (as far as I know), yet highly sleazy, 1995 tax filings of Donald Trump, as reported by The New York Times.

Far fewer, especially if much younger than me, know about the highly illegal tax cheating, bribery and more of FOB Marc Rich, given a midnight pardon (actually, per Hillary, almost a 3 a.m. pardon!) by the Slickster – reportedly at the urging of Madame Slickster, in part, per Counterpunch.

Seriously, there's no comparison.

Donald Trump has done many unethical things, but he's never, ever, been indicted for federal crimes for any of his financial shenanigans. (Beyond that, as Ken Silverstein shows, there's questions about the leaked partial tax return of Trump.)

I don't know whether Trump or Rich is the bigger cheat, legalities issues aside. But, Slickster and Madame Slickster would, per my poll at right. They know both well enough. Hillary has shown that by helping tax avoiders like UBS.

So, go vote yourself! (And, if Counterpunch isn't enough, read Wikipedia's page on Rich.)

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