September 15, 2016

Colin Powell vs Hillary Clinton — #DNCLeak cuts both ways on lies

So, the latest iteration of Democratic National Committee leaks lets us know just what one former Secretary of State thinks about another, and her husband, right? I do have to admit it's pretty funny to see that.

At the same time, this is the same Colin Powell who lied to the United Nations Security Council about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, including specific lies about uranium tubes that allegedly were for nuclear centrifuges, when he had good reason to know they were for artillery barrels.

And, the same Powell who may have lied 30-something years before that about My Lai.

Plus, Powell's own political ambition, including an eyeball for the White House, wasn't exactly bridled itself.

And, per the email, does he know something we don't? Was Hillary Clinton already 70 in 2014 and 72, not late 60s, today?

Show me the birth certificate!

Also, per the email, what proof did the New York Post (I presume that's the NYP) have of where the Slickster was putting Slick Dicky? Maybe, per other photos of him with The Donald, they were sharing some lady friends ... maybe on joint airline flights to visit Jeffrey Epstein?

At the same time, what is, or was, the allegedly sensible, moderately conservative, Powell doing reading a rag like the Post?

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