September 13, 2016

#ClintonHealth — the Manchurian connection and #ClintonBodyDouble

It's all so obvious, at least to me, how Hillary Clinton got "pneumonia," if that's what it is.

Two words.

Vladimir Putin.

What happened?

Vlad the Impaler, to update my original theory, got some of the anthrax that started popping out of Russian permafrost last month.

He then, to increase Clinton's vulnerability, went down the Alexander Litvinenko route and threw in a bit of polonium-210.

So, we know now that Clinton's been poisoned with anthrax, and with an immune system weakened by radioactivity.

But how?

In her tea, like Litvinenko.

And where?

At the Russian Tea Room, of course.

And, you'll soon see a Clinton body double.


Well, a certain Wiki-guy may no longer be in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Just saying.

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