September 14, 2016

The choice for president, in analogy — a bad one, then good one

Blogger/Salon writer Digby, moving close to Peter Principle level or else having reached her sell-by date, is apparently pretty much a Hillbot.

She offers up her analogy of what the presidential election choice offers:
Former Bush administration official Andy Card is undecided. He seems to think the choice between Clinton and Trump is like a choice between apples and oranges. 
No, its a choice between an apple and a fetid, rotting, pile of dead fish. You may not like apples.  But the pile of compost will make you very, very sick.

As I Tweeted her, expanded a bit:

Actually, the choice is between a barrel of thuggish stinking mackerel, a barrel of condescending rotten apples, Gov. Veto (I lived in New Mexico in the late 1990s) and Jill Stein #fify

And, of course, there's more than two parties in America.

Digby may have at one time been an original and creative opiner. Not any more.

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