SocraticGadfly: Ken Salazar and Hillary Clinton's #fail on #climatechange, #fracking, #DeepwaterHorizon

August 18, 2016

Ken Salazar and Hillary Clinton's #fail on #climatechange, #fracking, #DeepwaterHorizon

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton announced earlier this week that, if she were elected, former Colorado senator Ken Salazar, President Obama's first Secretary of the Interior, would serve as leader of her transition team.

That would be the Kenny Boy Salazar:
• Who lied about issues related to the Deepwater Horizon blowout;
• Who was a non-transparent part of the (not) "most transparent administration in history;
• Who "cheerled" for federal coal sales;
• Who lied about what the Endangered Species Act covers;
• Who threatened to sue, as a private individual, to block ESA enforcement;
• Who refused to clean house at Interior; and
• Whose brother was once in bed with the Koch Bros.

So, anti-frackers are right to complain, but Salazar's anti-environmentalism runs a lot deeper than anti-fracking.

Well, for all the Democrats, and the David Brock machine, who smear Jill Stein as being anti-science, along with a Green deserter like Dan Arel for a far more minuscule Socialist party in a fractured Socialist landscape who does the same, this proves who is really anti-science.

I've long said the Paris accord of this spring, with zero enforcement mechanisms, is aspirational bullshit. This just underscores that.

Democrats don't truly take climate change seriously, and Hillary Clinton is going in reverse.