November 14, 2012

‘Kenny Boy’ Salazar and the ‘Most open administration in history’

‘Most open administration in history’ my a--

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, by refusing to take questions about wild horse roundup and possible slaughter, at a public event, even if it was Election Day, exemplifies just how much it is Just.Another.Politician.™ at the helm of the White House.

The issue in question starts at about the 4-minute mark.

Unfortunately, Obama’s not the best at being Just.Another.Politician.™ in some ways. On the plus side, maybe “Kenny Boy” could PLEASE teach Dear Leader to get some cojones like this?

Second, this shows Team Obama isn't all that “green,” really. So, don’t expect much change on global warming issues in his second term.

Third, the wild horse issue is convoluted (aside from Kenny Boy's seeming ethics lapse). Fourth, people have eaten horsemeat for millennia, folks. Unless you're a vegetarian, you've got no room to complain, IMO.

My personal take? If sterilizations aren’t working well enough, and not enough people are buying wild horses to keep, other people WILL buy them to slaughter. Isn’t it better to have them transported shorter distances to be slaughtered in better-inspected US slaughterhouses, rather than Mexican ones?

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