SocraticGadfly: The sus-PENCE is killing me!

July 15, 2016

The sus-PENCE is killing me!

Well, not really, but some portion of We the Political Junkies are waiting to see if Donald Trump has picked Indiana's quasi-Sarah Palin, Gov. Mike Pence, to be his running mate or not.

Meanwhile, a leading pundit of the MSM, speaking for many of his brethren I'm sure, ignores the possibility that in both the Veepstakes and the slowly dribbled list of alleged Republican National Convention speakers, the Donald has once again punked him and fellow media members for free publicity.

I have no doubt that's what's been happening, at least in part.

I also have no doubt that Balz's lecture in the second-last paragraph about what "a skilled candidate should allow" is all of three things bad. It's CYA, it's out of date in today's world, and it's plain wrong.

Update: Maybe I should cut Balz a bit of slack. The reason I, and you, actually or facetiously, felt the sus-PENCE is that the Donald reportedly was getting cold feet at the choice, allegedly made to conciliate the GOP establishment.

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