SocraticGadfly: #DumpTrump vs MSM clickbait

July 11, 2016

#DumpTrump vs MSM clickbait

Folks, in the few remaining days leading up to the GOP convention, you're going to see more and more stories about the possibility of Republican delegates dumping Donald Trump as the party's nominee.

And most of them, like this one from Sunday, are going to be bullshit. Any story like this that has to go hunting back to 1896 for analogies should be suspect right there.

But, there's an even easier reason to fault this one. It says NOTHING about state-by-state GOP rules on delegates. Immediately discount any similar such stories.

Beyond that, in the clickbaiting piece at hand, delegates who don't vote could also be ruled "Absent," thus cutting how many Trump needs.

Look, GOPers, he'w being nominated. Deal with it.

Look, newshounds, shit like this is clickbait. Ignore it.

And it's now officially dead.

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