June 29, 2016

Israel and the Democrats — another reason to vote Green

Yet another reason I wouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party's stance on Israel and Palestine.

Per Mondoweiss, supporting Jerusalem as Israel's capital doesn't fly with me. And I don't care if it was also in the 2008 and 2012 platforms then ignored. If anything, that's worse. It both shows that party platforms aren't worth the paper they're on, AND the degree to which Democratic elites will pander to Zionists.

Nor is a two-state solution with "secure borders" acceptable. "Secure borders" is NOT "1967 borders."

And for good measure, the Dem platform fully opposes BDS. Bernie Sanders fought on the first two. He probably soft-shoed BDS, as he never mentioned it during his campaign. (And I'm sure he did not fight for a Honduras plank.)

Finally, I assume many of these Dem elites support the MSM's ongoing demonization of Mahmoud Abbas.

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