SocraticGadfly: Gawker 1/3 right, no more, on #NoBillNoBreak — #DemsNeverSat for real #guncontrol

June 23, 2016

Gawker 1/3 right, no more, on #NoBillNoBreak — #DemsNeverSat for real #guncontrol

I know, I know— blind squirrels, acorns, etc. But Gawker is at least half right on this — all the Dems' bill would do is stop a few alleged Mooslims and the late Ted Kennedy from buying assault weapons, when in reality ...

Any civil libertarian knows the no-fly list is bigoted, violates the spirit of constitutionality, and per my Ted Kennedy crack, is still far, far short of perfection, and ...

Any gun control advocate worth his or her salt does know that handguns are the real problem, even more on childhood accidental deaths and suicides than murders.

Senate Dems did try, and failed, on better background checks. But Dems have had less than nothing about trigger locks.

Is it 100 percent political theater? Nom starting with the GOP claiming the link to the no-fly list would violate due process, when the Guilty Old Party has never expressed that concern about the list itself, let alone a serious desire to fix it.

Right now, in it takes two to tango, this is probably 65 percent Dem/35 percent GOP on the kabuki. And, Gawker first missed the background checks, and never called out GOP hypocrisy either. Alex Pareene used to do better.

So, we'll give him his own 65 percent kabuki. And maybe this is part of Nick Denton's fundraising — pseudo-contrarian clickbait.

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