May 20, 2016

My semi-personal connection to the Wyly Brothers

Now that they've been convicted (well, one of them, the other being dead) of tax evasion, let me explain.

A Midlothian, Texas-based antipollution group called Downwinders at Risk has long fought against TXI and other cement makers in that area, and against the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, for cleaner air in southern exurban Dallas.

As a fundraising mechanism, at least years and years ago, they got a small cut of the money from each person they signed up to use renewable electric energy source Green Mountain. Green Mountain was founded by Sam Wyly, and owned by him, Charles, other relatives and third parties until he sold it, at least the Wyly share, to NRG Energy for $350 million in 2010. 

I more than once asked Katie Hubener of Downwinders if she didn't think they were dancing with the devil, and she said no, even knowing (whether beforehand or from my pointing it out) the Wyly background of stronglyconservative politics and donations

She said no.

And responded like she didn't even get the ethics issues involved.

Katie Hubener ... interesting, at least.

Now Sam may have believed in renewables as a tech-libertarian, or as an entrepreneur, or both. But, with Downwinders at Risk, he also clearly believed in greenwashing. And, given his political stances otherwise, he did NOT believe in the reality of global warming and climate change.

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