May 23, 2016

A round-up of all things #FeelTheBern — take note, #Sandernistas

1. Sorry, but he is NOT winning California. First of all, as I've blogged before, Cal's three biggest Dems — Pelosi, Boxer and Betty Crocker (you figure it) — are all in Clinton's camp. Dunno about Jerry Brown, but as Californios know, his real concern is to get the Edmund G. Brown Jr. Peripheral Delta Canal authorized.

Besides that, Bernie is behind in all recent Cal polls (don't believe made-up shit posted to the Interwebz without actual links) and well behind in most.

1A. Sanders has been having a pretty severe money burn recently. Sure, a lot of it has been buying in California already, but even in the primaries, it's a pretty expensive media state.

2.  Chuck Schumer as Sanders-Clinton peacemaker? I've seen stranger.

3. Sanders reportedly wants Dems to have a more liberal stance re Israel and Palestine. Good luck trying to build a bridge for THAT, Chuck. (Really, there's no bridge possible there. Either Clinton moves, or Sanders moves, and lots of papier mâché is employed, or else nobody moves significantly, and there's not enough papier mâché to hide that, so somebody lies.)

3. 4Channers trolling BOTH Clinton and Sanders supporters? Shock me. Stupid enough to leave a cyber-paper trail. That said, how much of that is real and how much is a bullshit hollow claim itself?


That said, let's get to the meat of last week — the Nevada Democratic state convention.

1. Everything you've heard from mainstream media (plus Nevada's alleged "dean," Jon Ralston) about the convention, including one item, is lies. NO chairs were thrown. And, there were vulgar statements but no death threats. Indeed, on the thrown chairs, the lie was so egregious fact-checking site Snopes wrote about it. Jon Ralston cares nada, showing that if he's a dean, it's as dean of schmuckery, and the MSM needs to (but won't) dethrone him. And, he and others are apparently willing to tell these lies because Team Hillary is running scared. The liars include Dem hack Steve Benen, writing for the ever-greater disappointment Rachel Madcow Maddow. Of course, as in most things involving both the words of "Nevada" and "Democrats," as Sanders hinted himself, the sticky fingers of Harry Reid are around somewhere.

1A. Then, the neolib opinion media, as exemplified by Kevin Drum, engage in a mix of schadenfreude nut-kicking and "hey Bernie, get off the pity pot" writing.

Good luck bridging all THAT, Chuck. Oh, and Bernie, do you really expect to take your followers, especially your younger ones, over that bridge themselves, now that they've seen raw political hackery?


That said, Bernie does have a potential black eye on HIS horizon. And, a real one, not a made-up one.

Burlington College will soon close. The Bernie connection? The closure is over massive debt run up while his wife, Jane, ran the place. And deliberately took on the debt.

The growth she hoped for and that did not materialize may have been based on hopes that her name, her marriage, and the connections, would hit paydirt in a small place like Vermont. Or maybe not. But, it's possible. Given that she's the driving force behind his campaign, including his sluggardliness on releasing old tax returns, this could be a black eye.

And, Hillary Clinton is occasionally right when she complains about Bernie not facing tough media coverage. The possibility of Jane Sanders playing off her background's never been investigated.

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