April 08, 2016

What, Bernie can't defend himself in a gun-fight with Hillary?

Pun very intended over a hard-hitting new online Twitter video.

Accompanying language says:
.@BernieSanders prioritized gun manufacturers' rights over the parents of the children killed at Sandy Hook.

Well, it's arguable he did just that, as the Sandy Hook tragedy occurred AFTER Sanders voted to give gun manufacturers lawsuit immunity.

Now, it's also arguable, and plenty of arguing has been done about it, that the bill might not have done that much to prevent things like Sandy Hook, as Sanders himself again hinted at, in response to the daughter of Sandy Hook's elementary principal. But, of course, it had high symbolism.

Besides, let's be honest, Sandernistas, anti-Hillaryites, left-liberals like me in general, or beyond.

Sanders has a number of other gun-friendly votes. That includes overturning a decades-old ban and supporting loaded guns in national parks. (Sadly, under the "two wrongs don't make a right," half of Senate Dems agreed with him — in early 2009, before election worries.)

And, beyond that, although Sanders did say in January he was ready to take another look at the immunity bill, he caveated the hell out of his statement. 

Bernie also supported airline pilots packing heat after 9/11, even though most pilots said no way in hell they wanted to.

I'll even admit to calling him a gun nut; within Democratic party parameters, I stand by that.

And, for the amount of anti-Clinton heat coming from Sanders backers Down East ... guns are a big deal in New York, especially New York City. And Bernie knows that. So, why shouldn't this be a hard-hitting issue in the last 10 days before the New York primary?

Geez, it's like some people think Bernie can't defend himself.

It's also like, out of anti-Hillaryism if nothing else, tribalism is rearing its political head again.

He can present counterarguments, if they are, like her foreign arms deals, himself.

Besides, the Clintons got their own struggles, like The Slicker finding a second Sister Souljah moment yesterday.

You know, I look at this Democratic race, and at times I think Bernie's a false flag to deflect people from real change and from really looking outside the Democratic party. Then, I wonder if the Slickster has hit early senility, taken Clinton Foundation payoffs from Donald Trump or similar, or who knows what.

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