February 08, 2016

What $675,000 really bought from Hillary Clinton

Look, Bernie Sanders is doing the best he can to fight the continued Overton Window rightward shift of the Democratic Party — without doing too, too much to alienate too, too much of the hierarchy of that party. I sincerely believe that he will, if he doesn't get the nomination, be like Jesse Jackson and accept it, accept his crumbs at the convention and be a good boy.

It's why he hasn't directly called for an audit of Iowa caucus returns and hasn't pushed Clinton harder on doing the same.

It's why, although he showed some angst at her "artful smear" comment last Thursday, he didn't go into gasket-blowing mode.

And, it's also why he's willing to go down a rabbit hole about "content" for the %675,000 that Clinton got for speaking to Goddam Sachs, and the $225,000-$400,000 a pop she got for other such speeches.

Look, Bernie, and people who haven't become real left-liberals yet.

These companies were buying two things.

One was prestige for themselves. But that was just the appetizer.

The other was "access" in a potential, even anticipated, even desired, Clinton presidency.

And, Bernie, when are you going to call a spade a spade?

Nothing Hillary Clinton said was actually worth $225,000-$400,000 to any banksters. They have Ph.D. financial analysts they pay that much or more for real insight.

No, they wanted access.

Just like, a year from now, Barack Obama will start getting the same $225,000-$400,000, but in payback for the access they've gotten over his two terms. Let's not forget about Dear Leader's $500,000 "checking account with Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan Chase. That's beyond Obama running a generally money-grubbing administration.

You know what another term for "access" is?


So, Bernie, are you going to call a spade a spade, or not?

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