December 16, 2015

The GOP's worst candidates for 2016

I don't have a lot to add to Brains' "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" take on last night's GOP presidential debate, fortunately the last one of this year. No Scrooges stealing Christmas fun from the general public or whomever. That's better than the other side of the duopoly.

(Dems get their last on Saturday, which will probably get drowned in Christmas-related events. "Nice," and possibly deliberate from Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Teh Google sez it's going against a rerun of "The Wiz Live," which means younger black voters for sure won't be watching, and many Americans in general will be at Christmas parties.

Oh, wait, it gets worse, possibly. The next debate after that, for Dems, is on the Sunday of MLK weekend.)

That said, the tenor of the debate and ISIS issues aside, or even including them, I actually don't think The Donald is the worst GOP candidate for the general election.

Look, we know a lot of Americans love money. We also know that, other huffing and puffing aside, if Trump has a plurality of delegates, a brokered convention might be hard to pull off, and that, if he has an apparent pre-convention majority, at least not counting GOP superdelegates, a brokered convention would cause a revolt.

It's actually Cruz who would be the worst. Trump's nuttery is sprinkled with populism enough that he might garner independents. Cruz has none of that skin in the game. Plus, as Brains notes, he got shown to be a public hypocrite for the first time, though Cruz will probably claim Big Biz, vs Big Gummint, has a right to do whatever it wants to your privacy.

So, Havana Ted would be the worst GOP candidate for the general election, in my book.

Second worst? Christie Kreme, or whatever name you want for him.

Why? Picture Bridgegate indictments coming through at about the time of a Chris Christie nomination. Plus, the man can be louder than Trump at times.

Third? We'll slot The Donald here.

Anybody not named Jeb! or possibly Marco, though he seemed to morph into Jeb! Jr. last night, which he can't afford, is probably tied for fourth.

That said, the GOP also had another kids' table debate last night. Lindsay Graham eyerolling at Rick Santorum ... there's a Log Cabin Republicans plus "Santorum" (if you know what I mean) plus Graham joke in there somewhere ... were the highlight there.

Per my poll at top left, why some of the clowns haven't decided the clown car isn't taking them anywhere, I don't know. Why some of their financiers haven't decided that for them is an even greater mystery. I guess vanity candidates have vanity funders willing to pound sand down ratholes, which is what makes the Merika where Donald Trump thinks he was "great," or, per Ann Richards,

The America where George H.W. Bush was born on third base thinking he'd hit a triple ...


Merika. On sale now at your local Walmart.

Of course, they're all lying. And Merikan Xceptionalism means denying that Merikans are so base and lowly.

And, any media pundits that didn't award at least one grade of D or lower last night are Inside the Beltway, or locally, Inside the Mopac.

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