SocraticGadfly: A 2016 election note to Texas Greens (updated)

December 15, 2015

A 2016 election note to Texas Greens (updated)

You face a new challenge. (And, I know you know it, of course.)

For the first time since getting state party-line ballot access, Democrats are running for all statewide offices.

So, to get 5 percent, you're going to have to target one race, maybe two, just maybe three, with your best viable candidates. Real viable candidates. Brandon Parmer types need not reply.

Of the three positions max, this means the Railroad Commission, one of the three Supreme Court places, and/or one of the three Court of Criminal Appeals places.

Given that the Railroad Commission is right up the alley on Greens being green, promoting cleaner energy, etc., and that there's no incumbent in that race, that's the first thought.

All incumbents are running for the state supreme court.

Cheryl Johnson is NOT running for Place 5 on the CCA, though. And, the Democratic candidate, Betsy Johnson, is in a solo practice, which means she probably doesn't have a lot of legal depth she brings to the race. Her Texas Bar page lists, besides criminal practice, real estate and wills/probate.

So, there you go.

And, Texas Greens party leaders, start now. It may sound undemocratic, but, before the party conference, be looking at whoever filed for these two races. (That's assuming people did.) If there's more than one candidate, then by all means, start unofficially picking winners and losers in advance.

And, since you're not playing cat-and-mouse with Democrats on these races this year, don't wait to start publicizing people.

Via David Collins, here's the list of Green candidates for 2016. Martina Salinas is running again for the Railroad Commission. Can she draw more than 2 percent this time?

The other key candidate is Judith Sanders-Castro for CCA Place 5. Collins cautions about the unseemliness, even the ethical concerns, about campaigning for judicial offices. That said, the line between "campaigning" and "issues advocacy" is at times blurry on judicial races, and I'm OK with Sanders-Castro pushing that in CCA 5, since, as I note, that, after RRC, is the best target for the 5 percent. Sanders-Castro ran for CCA Place 4 in 2014, so she's got background. Plus, per her Texas Bar page, she brings more legal background and certifications to the table than Betsy Johnson.

Brains has more insight on the state offices, and Jill Stein, Kent Mesplay and other Green presidential nominees.

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