October 21, 2015

Pinkwashing, or even DOUBLE #pinkwashing Dallas News style

Ahh, it's October, the season when leaves turn golden yellow, orange and red in much of the country, while NFL players' cleats turn pink, in an abomination even MLB baseball doesn't (yet?) indulge.

Behind much of this is the Susan G. Komen, which, after dropping the "Race for the Cure," and dropping the "Foundation" before that, surprisingly has not followed the Dallas Morning News in capitalizing the "the," which ain't done on this block. Suck it, Snooze.

And, if you want to do some honest reporting, now that the ACS has said women should wait until 45 on mammograms, how about telling people mammograms can kill more than they save.

The Snooze has taken the pinkwashing for which Komen is known to new levels this year, putting that banner at top as a floating banner among all webpages. (Please, just trust me; do NOT reward bad behavior by visiting the News' website.)

Cheap PRwashing for the NFL, which has other problems
with women's issues, like domestic violence (can you say
Johnny Manziel?), let alone not wearing pink-gray shoes
to try to actually fight CTE.
I've already joked that, due to its lack of a paywall, and its general financials, the Snooze's website is in the pink because it's not in the black.

Meanwhile, Komen has a long history of "issues." Most of them have been lightly and belatedly reported by the Snooze. Probably because the organization was incorporated in Dallas, and via founder Nancy Brinker has lots of connection to Dallas-area heavy hitters in the conservative political world. (Husband Norman founded the Brinker restaurant conglomerate, owner of Chili's, Maggiano's, Steak and Ale, Romano's and more, either currently or in the past.)

Like Brinker, who garnered multiple Bush Administration diplomatic posts. And went on to keep garnering CEO salary at the Komen nearly a full year after saying she was stepping down. And, was quite highly paid for a nonprofit CEO had she even been one.

In the past, it's also sold products with alleged carcinogens, then tried to either ignore or bury that. Or used its muscle to fight claims about carcinogens.

Then, there was former Komen executive VP Karen Handel, deliberately separating ties with Planned Parenthood. And, since this was when Brinker was CEO, this wasn't all Handel's call. Indeed, Brinker publicly defended it.

Part of it seems to be Nancy Brinker's swelled head. NYMag documents. After she left the White House and returned to Komen (her husband had died in 2009, too), she wanted five-star treatment, and to run the "foundation" in a five-star way. And, she, a Bush "pioneer" in 2000, brought BushCo henchwomen to work with her.

The Snooze could have reported on any and all of this, of course.

But didn't. Or buried it when it did, and borrowed other reporting when it had to print something. Jim Schutze at the Dallas Observer has some past lowdown.

That said, since the Komen fiasco, Brinker moved WAY left on one social issue, supporting gay marriage. (Of course, it's because of her son. It's amazing how gays in the family can change a family matriarch or patriarch stance at times. It's both more amazing and less amazing how often it can't or won't.)

That said, I've never heard that Brinker has changed her general political stripes or her stance on reproductive choice.

Assuming she hasn't, and the Snooze wouldn't tell you anyway, that's more reason to stay away from Komen, and nonsense like pictured at left. Or above.

Speaking of ... about that second pinkwashing?

Also questionable is the design of that area on the left.

It doesn't look so much like a breast cancer ribbon as it does an ichthys.


That's the Greek word for "fish." As in the far-right Christian fish symbol.

Like St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright, and his lyingly claiming to be paying tribute to Stan Musial on the Busch Stadium mound last year. (Click link for photo and story.)

And, no, it wouldn't surprise me if the Snooze is trying a double brainwashing. I've already Tweeted it and gotten bupkis as a response.

Or, yet more on the first brainwashing.

Per Brinker's outlandish salary, how's it rank as a charity?

Charity Navigator only gives it two stars out of four.

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