October 19, 2015

Biden is finally running! (Unless he has premature withdrawal)

Per what seems to be a serious internal leak, following rumors late last week, following a VERY deliberate leak by Biden himself to arch-Clinton hater Maureen Dowd, following Biden getting Obama's blessing (will an endorsement follow?) in August, this will seem like a relief, as much as anything.

(Update, Oct. 21: He DID have premature withdrawal; he's not running.)

In case you're wondering, for me to pass on certain information, while JoePa will make the Democratic race yet more geriatric, he still will NOT be the oldest candidate in the field. Click the link to confirm that.

He's got other baggage, though.

While more progressive on gay rights than Hillary Clinton, he, like her, voted for the Iraq War. And he, like her, voted to make bankruptcy filing tougher.

Since he's fron Delaware, credit card heaven, not for nothing have I called him Senator MBNA before.

As for political handicapping?

Short list says:

Hillary Clinton is a loser on this.
Bernie Sanders is a winner, just because the neolib vote gets more fractured.
Martin O'Malley's a big loser. That "whoosh" you heard was the sound of oxygen leaving his campaign.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz is an even bigger loser. If she tries any Clintonista stuff now, she's got the vice president, with past Senate connections, etc., bigfooting her.
We the Getcha Popcorn People are winners on entertainment value. No Kumbaya at the next debate, speaking of Schultz. And, we will likely have Biden pushing for more debates.

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