October 12, 2015

GOP Speaker's race a replay of GOP prez race if Bill Flores is in

Bill Flores: Grade A
wingnut, egotist, more,
all from the back bench
If Rep. Bill Flores ("my" Congresscritter in my previous residence, swapped for the even more idiotic Louie Gohmert, aka Gohmert Pyle) is running for Speaker, then yeah, we are just like the GOP presidential race. Not only do we have wingnuts and nutbars, we've got second-rate backbench ones now in the mix.

I've blogged about Flores before, including his undercutting Wacoans' efforts to get the Columbian mammoth site made a national monument, then glory-hogging when Obama used the Antiquities Act to make it so.

Beyond that, I've also called him out for telling outright lies. Mammoth-sized lies, if we count his Waco-related ones.

Well, now, he's running for Speaker.

And, based on that mammoth-sized brouhaha, his staff Twittermeister has blocked me. (Which is OK. I emailed him this, too.)

I told him that, per the old "snowball in hell" cliche, he stood about a mammoth's chance in Waco of being elected Speaker.

And, you know what? Besides this election, like the presidential contest, being an effort at Republicans out-wingnutting each other, it's become a vanity contest. Flores is in his third term. Yes, the man's been in Congress less than 5 full years and thinks he's qualified to be Speaker.

Bill Flores has as much chance of being elected Speaker as George Pataki or Rick Santorum do of being elected president.

Sadly, and weirdly, the Waco Trib, talking about his "measured, often thoughtful" background, knows a different Bill Flores than I do.

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