September 07, 2015

A few workers' thoughts on wrapping up #LaborDay

First, per friend Perry, let's hope that Labor Day doesn't get made even more irrelevant by a combination of most Republicans and large chunks of neoliberal Democrats.

Second, per a cartoon, let's hope that, regarding things like both illegal immigration and a fair amount of legal immigration, the folks above and others stop exploiting many workers — and that more and more average Americans become more concerned.

And, said workers do more than pick lettuce and tomatoes. If you're a Texas liberal, and live in a new house, how much of the construction work was done by whom and at what cost?

Third, let's hope that, if you've gotten a holiday day today, or if you're in a job you have to work today but you get a comped holiday day, that you're not overworked when you get back to the office.

Fourth, let's hope that Tea Partier types finally find some enlightenment (and that maybe Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein can help deliver it) that your jobs are stagnant, and that it's not the fault of President Obama, that it's not the fault of black men in general, and that Bretbart alums' guerrilla campaign against abortion or Tea Partier politicians selling that tea isn't going to make your job any better. Because Pat Robertson gets it right when he notes "economic patriotism is dead." Your GOP prez candidates are among those who have helped kill it.

Fifth, and related to that, and while rejecting the capitalism-driven myth of "time is money," and the myth of both Protestant work ethic and "callings," and New Age versions of both, along with rejecting the myth of "quality time," do remember that work is dignified, per Mike Rowe. Or the "I Am a Man" of 1968 Memphis sanitation strikers.

Finally, re those GOPers, neolib Democrats, and libertarians, and the business managers and owners who think that way: don't believe the "work hard, play hard" bullshit, and don't drink similar Kool-Aid.

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Katy Anders said...

I got today off, but now I'm going to have to work Saturday to make up for today. Really. I mean, it's mandatory.

We're in an era where possibly a MAJORITY of people are on board with the idea that if corporations just weren't so over-regulated, they'd be able to hire more of us, treat us better, etc. The stock market goes up when people hear "labor costs" have fallen and we never say what "labor costs" meanss...

I'm not optimistic about our chances.

But I've been wrong about a few good things that have happened in recent years. I hope I'm wrong about this, too.