July 08, 2015

Let's enliven the #AllStarGame with A-Rod!

Given Craig Calcaterra at Hardball Talk using a Jon Paul Morosi column saying no Alex Rodriguez in Cincinnati is no big deal as a cudgel for all things A-Rod again, let's go further.

We could change so much else related to entertainment and baseball honors at the All-Star Game, just to honor A-Rod!

A-Rod ex Madonna is the perfect choice for either the National Anthem or God Bless America, right? (Actually, the perfect choice for God Bless America is getting rid of the damn thing, but that's another story.)

As for the Franchise Four having a run-off for tossing the first pitch, well, history's greatest living player is actually in pinstripes, isn't he?

We don't need a fight between Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Tom Seaver and Sandy Koufax to throw out the first pitch.

It's A-Rod, isn't it?

(Suggesting A-Rod replace Ken Griffey Jr. for the first pitch of the Home Run Derby might set Reds fans off too much, so we won't do that. Besides, maybe Bryce Harper could magically have his dad get well and take care of that that way.

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