June 23, 2015

Obama on #SCOTUS? Not in my liberal dream world

Reaching an even stupider level of stupid and knee-jerk than normal, this meme from Occupy Democrats is now making the rounds.

Lemme see:

1. This is the guy who has expanded Bush's unconstitutional spying on Americans;

2. This is the guy who has assassinated American citizens with drones;

3. This is the guy who has refused to prosecute the unconstitutional war crimes of his predecessor.

I'd want him to be on the Supreme Court why, in light of all of this?

That's ignoring his penchant for Big National Security Government in general, prosecuting whistleblowers, secrecy on trade issues, and more. And I haven't even yet mentioned Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, James Risen or others. Nor the fact that, until today, he wanted to prosecute families who pay ransom to Middle Eastern kidnappers.

Occupy Democrats is in general not quite as bad as Democratic  Underground on stuff like this, but I think it's been getting worse recently. Not just worst than its previous self, but worse than DU.

The next Democratic, or Green, president, should repudiate much of what Obama did, find some balls or ovaries, and start prosecution cases on Bush and Cheney, and even cast eyeballs at Obama on that.

What makes this funnier yet is Democrats-only, Democrats-right-or-wrong presidential voters who, as part of scare tactics against third-party voting, will regularly talk about "Supreme Court nominees" as a shibboleth.

If I gave you the same of some Republican with those three strikes listed above, you'd reject him without a second glance. Even if I told you, "but he supports Obamacare and reproductive choice," you'd say, "can't we get somebody better?"

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Katy Anders said...

Yeah, anyone who says Barack Obama shuold be on the Supreme Court is probably just a cheerleader.

There are some brilliant federal judges - some appointed by Obama, by the way - who could make an impact on the Supreme Court if they got a bump up the chain by a future Democratic President.

Oh, and yes, I'm very worried about 2016. Justice Ginsburg is very old and the conservatives are one Jutice away from being able to do some very bad things with the 1st, 4th, and 8th Amendments. But I don't believe I could live with myself if I voted for Hillary Clinton.