March 13, 2015

I'll take "Butthurt neoliberal Democrats" for $500, Alex!

Donna Rice & Gary Hart.
Should I Photoshop in heads of
Hillary Clinton & Robert Reich?
This has possibly been the worst PR week, and the worst brainpower week, for national Democrats — and the para-Democratic apparatus of places like MoveOn and Media Matters — since Gary Hart mythically invited reporters to "follow him around" in 1987, even as his Monkey Business visit with Donna Rice was heating up.

First, there was Hillary Clinton's email imbroglio getting unveiled, followed by questions about how this might benefit former or current staffers/fixers, further followed by Clinton shooting herself in the foot with additional lies.

Next came Robert Reich, a Friend of Bill's of some sort, and at least a quasi-Friend of Hillary, as Bill's Labor Secretary, and the only Clinton Cabinet member to stick the full eight years.

Reich claimed that Obamacare was a "great success," based on some current metrics. I carefully showed that those metrics meant bupkis, and beyond that, found old 2009 video of Reich bitching about Obamacare's problems compared to single payer.

We then had Daily Kos, emblematic of numerous partisan Democratic blogs, websites, etc., claiming that the 47 GOP senators who wrote a brief "letter" to Iran had, at a minimum, violated the Logan Act, and had possibly committed treason.

It's all partisan hackery nonsense, of course, and I deconstructed it here, even while having fun with Ted Cruz and the actual letter here.

Unfortunately, many Democratic voters are about as much "sheeple" as many Republican voters, afraid of enabling Republicans rather than voting for truly liberal Democrats, let alone Greens, Socialists or whomever.

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PDiddie said...

You know, it's the oddest thing. For weeks I've been getting five or six e-mails a day with the name Warren or Sanders in them, and this week those slowed to a trickle.

It seems as if the moment the so-called progressive pleaders were waiting for came... and they yawned, rolled over and went back to sleep.

Maybe they're waiting for polling or something to tell them to what to do, but when there is suddenly blood in the water and the sharks move away, it's a little weird.