January 14, 2015

Empower Texas is limper than Battleground Texas

Hey, Scott Turner? At least Wendy Davis broke 35 percent against Greg Abbott. You couldn't even break 15 percent against Joe Straus. Even if we limit it to your own party, you barely broke 20 percent in the Texas Speaker of the House race.

Apparently a lot of GOPers agree with Straus:
“Small members sought to divide us up with misleading and personal attacks,” Straus said. “But you cannot effectively govern this House by dividing it.

Heh, heh. "Small members." 

Actually, Robert Garrett at the Snooze notes Straus was probably referring in part to two non-members, Michael Quinn Sullivan, the infamous "Mucus," and Tim Dunn.

So, big fail for Empower Texas, which was the pusher behind the Speaker's challenge.

That said, Turner should be one more reminder to state and national Democrats that they don't necessarily have a lock on minority voters.

Next: Seeing if Joe Straus believes Glenn Hegar on how much money the Lege has to spend, or if he believes reality, which is a couple of billion less.

Straus has, in his previous terms as speaker, generally belonged to the reality-based community, at least its slender GOP wing.

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