November 16, 2014

Your post- #election2014 week in GOP envelope pushing

First, the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline from Canada, which President Barack Obama has kicked down the road for months now, can't be kicked down the road any longer with a GOP Senate. I take a look at his options and his likely course of action, and whether it's necessarily the end of the environmentalism world.

As an update, the House has already passed a Keystone bill and the Senate is likely to follow.  Chris Mooney discusses on the ground reality if such a bill would become law. Theoretically, it could trump both Obama's Department of State and the Nebraska Public Utilities Commission.

Second, the Texas GOP Legiscritters for next year's 85th session are already filing nutbar bills. Via a press release, I write about one, a bill to further gut the franchise tax, which in turn, would further gut state school spending.

Of course, on Keystone, the flip side of GOP envelope pushing is Democratic cowardice.

And, that's not going away. Not on many issues.

I note that Wendy Davis seems to want help in retiring her campaign debt but is afraid to ask. (Either that, or she just can't stand to let go of a bit of spotlight.)

There's also now leaked emails about sniping from one of Davis' early consultant groups. I actually largely agree with Prism, and am not surprised. I think Davis' core team from her state Senate campaigns had her on "lockdown" from the get-go, and she personally was OK with that. It's related to my broader post-mortem on Texas state politics.

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