SocraticGadfly: BREAKING #Obama immigration plan reveals #birther fears true

November 20, 2014

BREAKING #Obama immigration plan reveals #birther fears true

A leaked advance copy of President Barack Hussein Obama's immigration speech tonight reveals that he is going to implement his radical, socialist ideas in entirely new ways, betraying new evidence of his Kenyan birthplace.

Details follow, with a special note at end.

Primary point? Reportedly, using the "excuse" of being allegedly "worried" about a flood of Mexican immigrants, and with "Hispanics" passing "African Americans" in total US population, Obama plans to expand immigration from his Kenyan birthplace and other African countries.

And next?

Reportedly, Obama will also help expedite visas and other paperwork for Kenyans and other Africans.


Doubling the number of African immigrants is reportedly his goal.

You read that right. Doubling the number of people that may go on welfare. Doubling the number of people who may have Ebola. Doubling the number of people who will want Obamacare.


Simply put, he is going to use executive action like no other president has done, to destroy traditional America.

This will be hard to stop. Many Americans will believe that the leaked version of Barack Hussein Obama's speech does not mean this. But it does.

Obama, now that the midterm Congressional elections in his second term are over, is now finally revealing his truly radical socialist plans.


You should stay tuned for further updates as to what he will do next. Reports are that Agenda 21 being implemented could be next. After all, this new flood of immigrants will be clamoring for land. And that he's going to spring illegals from jail. And that he has new love for anchor babies.

Acrostics ....

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