November 29, 2014

The A's and Braves makes as much sense to me as the Red Sox

A few days ago, I blogged that the Boston Red Sox's free agent signings of BOTH Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez made little sense to me. Especially when they said Ramirez would play left field.

With Mookie Betts presumably still starting in the OF, that leaves Boston with Jackie BradleyDaniel NavaYoenis CespedesShane Victorino,  Allen Craig, and Brock Holt fighting for one OF spot, or to now be immediately discounted, pennies-on-the-dollar trade bait.

As of today, two more teams make no sense: The Atlanta Braves and the Oakland A's.

First, the A's. I do not get their trading Josh Donaldson to the Toronto Blue Jays for Brett Lawrie plus prospects. Billy Beane can call it a "reshuffling" move, but it sure looks like a rebuilding move to me. And, it's weird to be rebuilding after just making an improvement-type free agent signing of Billy Butler.

The Braves, after their own blockbuster trade that I liked, sending the Cards outfielder Jason Heyward and setup man Jordan Waldon in exchange for Shelby Miller and minors prospect Tyrell Jenkins, are now supposedly talking about a trade with the ...

Wait for it ...

The Oakland A's.

This can't be all the players who would be involved, but reportedly, the A's side would key on pitcher Jeff Samardzija, while the Braves' return would include both Justin Upton and Evan Gattis.

First, the A's will have to pay a LOT more to get both of those players.

Second, why are the Braves even thinking about trading Gattis, when having Gattis was the reason they let Brian McCann walk in free agency a year ago? Maybe they have some stud at AAA manning the plate? Christian Bethancourt hits for average but not power, and does have a good out-stealing percentage.

If I'm Beane, if I have to turn around and include Lawrie in that trade, even, I think I do that. Or, include any other pitcher not named Sonny Gray, although I don't think Beane would like to trade two pitchers for two position players, even if Saber Man has just one year left on contract.

If I'm the Braves, I give team president or whatever John Hart a blood alcohol test.

If I'm a Blue Jays fan, I hope my team has finally stopped teasing me.

If I'm Billy Beane, I continue to peddle my Moneyball image.

That said, Saber Man is also rumored going back to Chicago, but to the Southsiders as part of a deal for Alexei Ramirez.  That would be an upgrade over Jed Lowrie, but short-term only as a swap of one-year players unless Beane has longer term eyes for Ramirez.

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