November 13, 2014

I thought we were done with Democratic emails ...

But, I guess not.

Just got one from some woman named Wendy Davis in the inbox at a backup account yesterday.

Something about honoring veterans.

Gee, thanks, Wendy. I wouldn't have known yesterday was Veterans Day otherwise. I also wouldn't have known that Election Day was one week before Veterans Day.

Obviously, like most losing candidates, you have racked up some campaign debt that you're trying to get rid of.

So, don't be shy, don't be coy.

Just stick out your cyberhand like you did before the election. Because, really, you're wanting us to honor your campaign debt, even if you n're  not saying so.

Of course, regardless of what one thinks about the disorganization of her campaign, when you have consultants like Prism Communications leaking about your campaign (hat tip TPM) maybe you should start by stiffing them.

Setting ethics of the leak aside — while remembering that there's little ethics in politics, little ethics in business, and hence even less in the business of political consulting — I don't think the leaked Prism emails really tell us much we don't already know. For me, among other things, it confirms that part of the Davis campaign's problems come from before Prism was on board, comes from before Battleground Texas and Lone Star Project were on board, and that's that Davis' advisers from her state Senate race days were keeping her insulated and locked down.

And, those actions ultimately have to stem from Davis herself, going all the way back to the days she sued the Fort Worth Star Telegram over an editorial about her run for the city council there.

As for Davis' Veterans Day email?

I must say that I'm surprised the alphabet soup of DNC, DNCC and DNSC didn't think of the same idea. But, I'm certainly not disappointed.

Update, Nov. 20: We're STILL not done. Wendy sent another today, asking me to sign a petition for Hillary2016.

Well, you obviously don't know me, you kanoodleheads, if you'd think I'd sign that. I wouldn't sign a stay of execution for Hillary Clinton. And, the appeal — one woman asking us to support another woman because she's a woman? Pass.

I actually voted for the black AND the woman in 2008, in the same person — Cynthia McKinney. Not because she is black, or a woman, but because she was the Green Party presidential candidate.

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