July 22, 2014

Rick Perry sends 1,000 photo ops to the #BorderCrisis as #GregAbbott gets free soundbite

"Thank" Greg Abbott for interrupting your movie.
Because that's what the 1,000 Texas National Guard troops are.

Immigration is strictly a federal issue, and if Obama didn't federalize the Guardsmen, they have no legal authority.

Because of that, despite the talk by Perry and AG Greg Abbott's comment about "billing" Washington, Obama is under no obligation to pay for the call-ups. And, I hope he resist pressures to do so.

Then,  Abbott will get his soundbite-op of suing Obama again, as he promised:
Abbott said he hoped litigation would not be necessary to force Washington to cover the costs, but that was always a possibility.
Abbott, Texas' No. 1 waster of taxpayer money, will waste more Texas taxpayer money, and will lose again. After all, his campaign's border security plan also would fund itself by pulling money out of Abbott's ass.

It's all posturing, all designed to give AG Strangeabbott a 2014 campaign issue, and presumably, Gov. Helmethair a 2016 one.

So, this is yet another reason when you go to a movie, and see a Greg Abbott campaign ad, to do this, which describes in detail what the photo above pictures.

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