May 20, 2014

Dear Mike Matheny: The #Cardinals now have a bullpen; learn to use it

The Beard, aka Yukon Cornelius, aka Jason Motte, is back!
David Carson/St. Louis Post-Dispatch
And, to use it correctly, now that, per the Cardinals' official Twitter account, Jason Motte is back.

Per Bernie Miklasz, no more pitching Trever Rosenthal too frequently, like four nights in a row. Please, Mike Matheny, move beyong the Sub-Genius Skipper level now.

This also removes the last excuse for you not letting Carlos Martinez be a starter, come the next hole in the rotation. And there will be one; Jaime Garcia is still fragile. Joe Kelly, still on the DL, looks like he could be. Tyler Lyons can go back to Memphis and go back to figuring it out. No more excuses for not playing "your guys." That goes for more than just Martinez, but he's a definite Exhibit No. 1.

Besides, none of those folks are power pitchers with multi-pitch arsenals. Time to start starting Martinez at the next reasonable chance. I know, and agree with him, that John Mozeliak says it's not time to be trading. But, it may be, at some point. Knowing to the fullest degree what's in the cupboard helps.

Beyond that, this is simply a test of Sub-Genius Skipper to see if he moves beyond "my guys" now. It's also a bit of a test, especially if it is thought that trade time is nearer, if Mo will push Matheny on this more.

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