March 12, 2014

Broncos recover Cowboys fumble with DeMarcus Ware signing

Showing that they really are "all in" to win before Peyton Manning's arm falls off or his neck gets a new kink, the Denver Broncos doubled down on their initial free agent signing of former Pats QB Aqib Talib by now scooping up former Dallas pass rusher DeMarcus Ware.

It's not just the deals, it's the money. You have $26M guaranteed to a cornerback who's never played a full season, and now, Ware getting more money than he would have from Dallas. Not only does cap casualty Ware not have to worry about a cut, he's getting a raise. And $20M guaranteed between this year and next.

Denver is a great fit for him, but still, that's some heavy cap stuff, especially on the guaranteed money. Of course, Talib will become a write-off, or a renegotiation, at some point down the road. Still. I know Denver had to upgrade its D, and now, but I can't believe they're paying Ware MORE than he was already getting.

Add in T.J. Ward, albeit on not quite such a bad deal, albeit with $14M guaranteed and that's a lot of dinero.

I think this pretty much guarantees that Knowshon Moreno is gone from Denver.

As for Dallas? Will Jethro Jones follow some speculation and ink Julius Peppers to replace Ware? He has a lot less left in the tank, so he could be available for cheap.

I guess John Elway is indeed a riverboat gambler at GM as well as at QB.

This does put Denver in the same neighborhood at least as Seattle. Seattle needs to keep its current core intact and, on the offensive side, hope it gets a full year out of Percy Harvin this fall. It obviously ups the stakes for Kansas City in particular and the whole AFC in general.

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