March 15, 2014

Isn't it about time for #Yahoo to finally die?

As long as some other major "web presence" offered free fantasy sports leagues, I don't think I'd miss Yahoo one minute, and might even applaud its demise.

The tipping point?

Well, it's one of those free fantasy sports leagues. Yahoo's now skeezy enough to require getting a confirmation number text-messaged to your cell phone before you can enter at least some new sports leagues. Well, of course, Yahoo wants to spam you all to hell with that.

It gave two options to then opt out. Either text back the word "Stop" or use a web link.

The web link didn't work.  The texting did, but then I had to go into my Yahoo account profile and delete my cell phone information.

That said, Yahoo should have died long ago.

The moment Jerry Yang refused to sell to Microsoft, shareholders should have sued his ass off for breach of fiduciary duty.

Since then, Yahoo's resigns of things like its sports section, its "My Yahoo" news portal home page and more, have all been teh suck. Three or four RSS feeds I had with it broke as part of the redesign. The new sports section? Every third or fourth "sports story" link instead is advertorial spam. The design in general is also teh suck.

But, that's not all.

It seems we have another bout of hacked Yahoo email accounts, not the first in the last several months. The other two big webmail systems, Gmail and Hotmail/Outlook, never seem to have problems like this, only Yahoo.

Yahoo can try to spam us with forced text messaging, but it's too cheap to fix its own web security problems.

By the end of 2015, we'll probably look at Yahoo as the new AOL.

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