December 26, 2013

#RGIII buys wrong game for teammates

Fox Sports reports that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III bought XBox One games for his offensive linemen.

Given how much he's been dumped on his tuchis this year, shouldn't he have bought Madden 2014 instead, so they could see what NFL blocking and blocking schemes look like?

Fox's story kindly provides pictures of some of the worst of his hits, which all seem to have nary a Skins' O-lineman in them! A big, humongous tub of Stickum

That said, RGIII probably should buy a Madden 2014 for himself while he's at it. Many an NFL writer has noted that his inability to throw the football away as he need to do has contributed to these bone-jarring hits.

No word on what he got Mike Shanahan for Christmas, other than putting him on his "get fired" wish list.

Speaking of ....

Maybe Danny Boy Snyder can give the ax to Shanny, and, despite Jethro Jones giving all of his guarantees to Jason Garrett, he can do the same.

And then, the two teams can swap coaches!

Better yet, or worse yet, if possible, but certain to provide hilarity, maybe the two owners can swap teams for a year.

But, that's a whole separate piece right there! And, one that I may write in the future.

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