October 10, 2013

'Moderates' in the GOP and debt limit denialism

First, when Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker is called a moderate, rather than a straight-up conservative, the press is practicing some cousin of "equivalence."

That said, Maine Sen. Susan Collins IS a moderate in today's GOP, and was somewhat of one even by late 1990s GOP standards. And, Corker isn't a wingnut So, it's not just ridiculous, it's highly scary for the two of them, as well as others, to claim Oct. 17 isn't debt ceiling D-Day.

And, it's highly frustrating, on the House side of the GOP, for so-called "moderates" to say they support a "clean" continuing resolution to end the budget shutdown, when in reality, they continue blocking it. That includes the alleged "king" of Republican moderates, New York's Peter King.

Besides not being so moderate on this issue, King's a neocon on the Middle East and Islamophobia.

Anyway, I had originally put my over/under on the ending of the government shutdown on or about Oct. 23, with a caveat that, if things weren't done by then, I'd move that back a full month.

Well, I may be ready to adopt that first move-back date already before then.

Oh, and "dear mainstream media" (by which I include mainstream web media like Salon)? Stop calling Peter King a "moderate," or a "realist," or whatever. His Islamophobia should already have eliminated that idea.

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