October 14, 2013

A few more thoughts on the Occupy movement

A book of essays about the 1960s, written in the 60s or the start of the 70s, has provoked me into a few new thoughts about the "Occupy" movement.

One relates to the myth of "leaderlessness," about which I blogged before. I think many of the "foot soldiers" of the movement wanted to be more a part of a herd, rather than standing out. If that meant accepting the myth of "leaderlessness" as part of this, then that's what it meant.

Also, as part of not questioning that myth, it seems to me that many of those foot soldiers were apparently unaware of the old issue of evolutionary  biology and psychology, that is, the "freeloader" issue. Tit-for-tat altruism has been the primary evolutionary response. I'm sure there were situations were this could have been practiced and probably wasn't. For example: "I'll be a good security person this time, and screen people out of your 'inner circle' meeting, but, you have to tell me honestly, within 72 hours, what that meeting was about."

Maybe, between Occupy and the Internet geeksters who dump overvalued social media sites on us, we should reverse the old 60s slogan to "never trust anybody UNDER 30."

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