August 01, 2013

Hillary nails some of the problems with Dear Leader

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, of course, being one of two neoliberals in a pod with President Barack Obama, doesn't nail anywhere near ALL of his problems. Left unmentioned is no single-payer national health care. Or the NSA's spying program. Or the Catfood Commission and related "entitlement reform." Or any of a number of other things.

But, in this piece from Tiger Beat on the Potomac, she does nail a few (and Congressional Dems get one other). Her prescient observations from the 2008 campaign include his Preznit Kumbaya schtick and his inability to work with Congress.

And, Congressional Dems?

One anonymity-granted Democratic Senator calls him, for his lecturing tendencies to his own party, "The Professor."

Sounds about right.

And, not a tenured, teaching-savvy, constitutional law professor. Rather, say, someone in about his second year at the assistant professor level, who's still a know-it-all and also doesn't have a good teaching style.

For better AND for worse, being POTUS requires being a politician. And, his self-love for the mellifluousness of his own voice aside, Dear Leader just ain't that good of a politician.

And, on this, and the specific critiques, he's not likely to change that much. House Republicans may do him the favor of shooting themselves in the collective foot that badly that some of the non-change may not matter. Even then, though, in part because of his lack of political skills and in part because of his self-centeredness, he may cost the Democratic Party a puncher's chance of regaining the House in 2014.

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