July 01, 2013

"Technically private property" doesn't exist

Nope, something's either private property or it ain't. Whether voiced by (in this case) Gnu Atheists or fundamentalist religious people to justify disrupting an event on private property, there is no such thing as "technically private property."
Selective interpretation of laws can always be used against oneself as well as for oneself. You know, you (Gnu Atheists here) and a lot of others really need to read/see "A Man for All Seasons," namely how More demolishes Roper's somewhat analogous attempt to selectively apply the law.
You may not like fundamentalist (or even non-fundamentalist) Muslims, but you disrupt Friday prayers, or whatever, on their private property, whether in Sweden, or some future case in the US, or any other Western(-ized) country with the "rule of law," and you will be liable to arrest and criminal charges. It's that simple. And not "technically simple," it's just that simple.
And, this is yet another reason I'm not a Gnu Atheist. The movement has a selective and self-centered interaction with both facts and with logical reasoning.

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