July 18, 2013

Racial profiling: #IOKIYAO

For Democrats, especially Obamiacs, who don't, can't or won't figure out what IOKIYAO stands for, here you go.

Now, that said, why do I say, in the wake of George Zimmerman trial, that racial profiling is OK for Dear Leader, and therefore for his devotees?

Because, as Conor Friedersdorf reminds us, in touting Ray Kelly as his possible (likely?) new Homeland Security secretary, Obama has given the Mafia love kiss to a known, and egregious, racial and ethnic profiler.
Under Ray Kelly, the NYPD infiltrated Muslim communities and spied on hundreds or perhaps thousands of totally innocent Americans at mosques, colleges, and elsewhere. Officers "put American citizens under surveillance and scrutinized where they ate, prayed and worked, not because of charges of wrongdoing but because of their ethnicity," AP reported, citing NYPD documents. Informants were paid to bait Muslims into making inflammatory statements. The NYPD even conducted surveillance on Muslim Americans outside its jurisdiction, drawing a rebuke from an FBI field office, where a top official charged that "the department's surveillance of Muslims in the state has hindered investigations and created 'additional risks' in counterterrorism."
There's no other way to put it. Our constitutional law scholar president has officially embraced an anti-constitutional abomination.

Ta-Nehesi Coates raises the same concerns. And, in his opening two grafs, calls Dear Leader a hypocrite, in not so many words:
In 2003, State Senator Barack Obama spearheaded a bill through the Illinois legislature that sought to put the clamps on racial profiling. Obama called racial profiling “morally objectionable,” “bad police practice” and a method that mainly served to “humiliate individuals and foster contempt in communities of color.” 

Obama was not simply speaking abstractly. In his 2006 book “The Audacity of Hope,” the future president wrote that he could “recite the usual litany of petty slights” directed at him because of his skin color, including being profiled by the police. “I know what it’s like to have people tell me I can’t do something because of my color,” he wrote. “And I know the bitter swill of swallowed-back anger.” That same bitterness probably compelled Obama, as president, to speak out after Prof. Henry Louis Gates of Harvard was arrested, and to famously note last year, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” 
That's about it.

Well, Dear Leader, your would-be Homeland Security chief would do a stop and frisk on the streets of NYC of your would-be son. (That's if one if his officers didn't start by asking, "Trayvon? Is that  Muslim name?)

That's why, 3 years ago already, I called him Just.Another.Politician.™. He is, after all. Even as, due to the soft bigotry of low expectations, the minions stay enraptured by his mellifluous voice.

But yet, many another elected Democrat who has condemned the results of the George Zimmerman trial and even railed against Zimmerman as a racial profiler (despite the evidence there being ambiguous, and Zimmerman being more multifaceted than that, as I note in my trial wrap) will likely follow Chuck Schumer's lead and give Kelly wet kisses. If someone like Pat Leahy jumps on board, you'll know the game is up.

And, on the other side of the aisle, let's see how the "libertarian" Rand Paul reacts, should Dear Leader move ahead with his bromance for Ray-Ray.

And, beyond that, let's see how allegedly humanistic Gnu Atheists react. I have no doubt that the most anti-Mooslim, like Sam Harris, are already applauding the idea of Ray Kelly allegedly keeping you and I safe.

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