July 09, 2013

#Obamacare: What's being gutted next?

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has an important media presser about Obamacare tomorrow.

Given other recent announcements, something's being delayed, cut, massively changed or explained away:

Your choices are:
A: Since HHS is now OK with self-reporting income for eligibility purposes, it will now also be OK with self-reporting medical, hospital and surgical procedures for reimbursement purposes.
B: President Obama is going to personally walk a patient through signing up for an insurance exchange.
C: Edward Snowden will reveal that electronic medical records are subject to National Security Administration snooping, under the aegis of Operation Microscope.
D: A "doughnut hole" is being rolled out for prescription costs in states that are expanding Medicaid.

More seriously, given House GOP pushback on the issue, Dear Leader's probably going to push back the individual mandate a year, since he just pushed back the employer mandate.

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