March 05, 2013

About those Tim Tebow-Manti Te'o gay rumors

I have heard the occasional insinuation that Manti Te'o, the overrated Mormon linebacker from God's Catholic university, Notre Dame is gay, and that's why Ronaiah Tuiasosopo was able to prank him with a fake girlfriend, or even that the prank was Te'o's "beard."

I've also heard speculation that New York Jets (for now) quarterback Tim Tebow is hiding gay tendencies behind his conservative Christian sexual chastity.

And, more recently, there's even been rumors about the two of them together.

So, I'm here to put the kibosh on that.

Manti Te'o did not run an ungodly slow 4.8 in the 40-yard dash at the NFL combine because he and Tebow had a spat the night before.

Tebow has not promised to write Te'o's name on his shoes next year.

Te'o did not start crying recently because Tebow told him he'd always be a "bottom." Absolutely not true.

Tebow also has not said he will request the Jets trade him to whatever team drafts Te'o. Just not true.

Tebow did not cancel his speaking appearance at a Dallas Baptist church because he was worried about either one of them being outed. Absolutely incorrect.

Now that I've set you straight, heh, heh, back to your regular Internet programming.

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