February 21, 2013

If not a carbon tax, then a gas tax

Great column here on the need to up our federal gas tax. It's fallen by 40 percent over the last 2 decades, after adjusting for inflation. Meanwhile, more fuel-efficient cars means fewer gallons per trip.

A hike in the gas tax, at 10 cents per gallon per year for five years, would be relatively painless, yet enough of a hike to push more people away from SUVs when they don't need them.

It would also pay for the massive amount of road and bridge repair our nation needs and that has been crunched by diminshed gas tax revenues.

It's a win-win.

And Obama can tell wingnut Congressmen in red states they can name every new bridge after Reagan, W. Bush, or even themselves. 

It's a cheap form of a carbon tax, and at least gets the ball rolling. Plus, if sold right, it gets sold on the road work side, something any American should appreciate.

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