January 31, 2013

Once again, the terrorists are within as well as without

And once again, Texas, a state where white extremists have been found with massive weapons caches, a state where someone crashes a plane into a government building, is ground zero.

Once again, contra both wingnuts and a certain Sam Harris strain of Gnu Atheists, the "real terrorists" are often white folks in the heartland. Looks like a assistant DA in Texas, about 30 miles from Dallas, was fatally shot over fighting the Aryan Brotherhood in court.
Before (a federal) release was issued, The Dallas Morning News credited "authorities with knowledge of the assistant DA's caseload" as saying he was "heavily involved" in an investigation of the Aryan Brotherhood. According to the release, Ben Christian Dillon, aka "Tuff", of Houston, and James Marshall Meldrum, aka "Dirty", both "agreed to commit multiple acts of murder, robbery, arson, kidnapping and narcotics tracking" for the Aryan Brotherhood. 
Now, with Wayne La Pierre of the NRA having just testified before the Senate on gun control issues, how will this affect that? How will gun control advocates from President Obama down use, yes, use, this moment?

And, beyond gun control, but without going as bounceback nutbar as folks like the Southern Poverty Law Center can, how will Obama use this issue to address domestic white power, white supremacy terrorism?

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