November 02, 2012

Nate Silver 'truthers'

Nate Silver. Photo via Alternet
If you have kept up at all with the Presidential election, and with polling for the presidential election, you’re probably pretty familiar with Nate Silver from the New York Times and his 538 blog on polling and related issues.

You may also be familiar with the pushback, and the attempt to work the mainstream media refs, by National Review, The Weekly Standard, Karl Rove (nothing new), et al.

You need to read this Alternet article. It’s true that these are “truthers” in the sense of 9/11 reality deniers being “truthers” in their conspiracy theories.

Now some, like Rove? I think they know and understand Silver’s methodology, and with them, it’s more and issue of “working the refs,” albeit more crudely and bluntly than ever before.

But, with tea party type rank and file? No, they’re really “truthers” on this issue. Read the column.

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