October 31, 2012

Obama and Biden ‘indicted’ by Larry Klayman

Apparently, with Election Day so close, beyond the pools of unspent money, there’s a competition for worst wingnut.

Well, Larry Klayman, billing himself as “citizen prosecutor,” is definitely in the running, having gotten a “citizen grand jury” to indict Obama and Biden.

No, really.

So, I have emailed him, at leklayman@yahoo.com, to indict HIM!
Dear Mr. Larry Klayman:

I, citizens' prosecutor Steve Snyder, do hereby convene my Internet-based citizens' grand jury to indict you, Larry Klayman, for treason against the Constitution of the United States.

A duly notarized warrant for your arrest by the appropriate citizens authorities will be coming shortly.
Email him yourself. Use my name as “citizen prosecutor” or plug in your own.

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